Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz.

Los Tuxtlas region includes Santiago, San Andrés and Catemaco; Its geographical conditions make of this region one of the places with the largest biodiversity on the planet.

The last humid tropical forest to the north of the American continent, is a combination of the plants and animals of North America, Central America and South America, which includes humid forest, mangrove swamp and cloud forest.

Wonderful farm in Los Tuxtlas region.

The land of 8,941.07 m², has two buildings; the main one with just over 500m² of construction documented in the video and photos; and the second construction of 100m² nearby designated for the workers of the farm.

Among other things, the property has 2 stables for horses and 4 pens for breeding.

Price of the property $785,000 dollars.

$14,130,000 mxn